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Exterior and Interior Door Installation in Tucson

door installation in tucson

At Extreme & Unique Garage Doors, we’re known for our custom garage doors and reliable garage door services. However, we also offer other door services in Tucson, including exterior and interior door installation and repairs. Do you have an old door in your house that is difficult to open and close? Perhaps you have a door with a broken hinge, or one that is downright ugly. No matter the problem, we can help! Don’t let a malfunctioning door cause inconvenience or, in the case of malfunctioning exterior doors, put your family at risk. Instead, get in touch with our team to schedule exterior or interior door installation or repair services in the Tucson area.

Exterior and Interior Door Installation

It’s often thought that the process to install a new interior or exterior door is relatively simple. After all, all you need is a screwdriver, right? Actually, no, there is quite a bit more to it than that. Although it may be tempting to do it yourself and save a few bucks, an exterior or interior door installation isn’t a DIY job.

It’s challenging to align a new door properly, especially considering how heavy doors can be. The hardware can also be deceptively complex and difficult to manage without expertise. Furthermore, in the case of exterior or entry doors, even a slight error in the installation process can compromise the security of your home, as well as its ability to resist the elements.

Our exterior and interior door installation company in Tucson has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. We’ll carefully measure and precisely cut your new door to fit the existing frame. If necessary, we can also remove the entire frame to replace it with one that has a pre-hung door. We can even help you choose your new door based on your preferences and current décor.

Exterior and Interior Door Repairs

A malfunctioning door is an inconvenience that often creates privacy issues and may even result in a safety hazard. For example, if a house fire breaks out, it’s essential to be able to open and close the doors with ease. If you have a door that is difficult to open and close or easily becomes jammed, you could lose precious time evacuating your home.

Instead of dealing with the hassle and danger of a malfunctioning door, get in touch with Extreme & Unique Garage Doors to learn about our door repair services. Our door experts will thoroughly evaluate your interior and/or exterior doors to assess the problem. It’s our goal to save you money. As a result, we won’t hesitate to let you know if your door is fixable. If your door is too damaged for repairs, we’ll install its replacement at a reasonable price point.

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Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace a Door

In some cases, the decision to replace a door is easily made. We recommend replacing doors that are too damaged to repair. For example, if a door is hanging unevenly, severely weathered, or difficult to open and close, it’s generally best to replace it.

Energy efficiency is another key consideration. If your door has lost some weatherstripping, we can simply repair it for you. However, if your door is quite old and wasn’t built to current energy efficiency standards, you’ll need to replace it.

Another common reason to replace a door, rather than repair it, is aesthetics. Front entry doors in particular are responsible for creating strong first impressions of your home. You might want to upgrade your front entry door to improve your home’s curb appeal. You can also replace interior doors for aesthetic reasons. However, you might consider upgrading the hardware instead—another task that our technicians will be happy to perform for you!

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