Custom Garage Doors in Tucson

Go beyond ordinary. Customize your garage door to suit your style.

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Extreme & Unique Garage Doors offers a wide variety of garage doors to choose from. However, not all customers are satisfied with stock doors. For our discerning customers, we’re proud to offer custom garage doors in Tucson. We’ll assess the style and color palette of your home, and then sit down with you to discuss your needs and aesthetic preferences. Then, we’ll develop a design for your custom garage doors that will beautify your home and increase its value. And of course, our experienced technicians will ensure your new garage door is properly installed.

Benefits of Custom Garage Doors

There are many stylish stock overhead doors to choose from. However, homeowners often find that they look somewhat generic. Furthermore, they lack the superior functionality of custom garage doors in Tucson. Consider the following benefits of customizing your overhead door:


Choose your size and shape. A custom garage door allows you to adjust your vehicle storage space to suit your lifestyle. For example, you may need an extra-large garage door so that you can safely move a boat or RV indoors.

Choose your material. Aluminum is among the most popular materials for generic garage doors, as it is budget-friendly. However, many homeowners find it rather noisy. Consider choosing custom wood garage doors instead, which offer both style and a lower noise level.

Customize your style and color. Your garage door should complement your home, not detract from its aesthetic appeal. A standard beige or white aluminum garage door will do little to enhance the beauty of a stylish home. Instead, custom garage doors in Tucson can complement your home’s style and color palette.

Add extra features. The custom garage doors in Tucson available at Extreme & Unique Garage Doors can be adjusted to include the extra features you desire. For example, you might want to add some attractive windows to your door, which will also increase the natural lighting inside. In addition, many homeowners like to add insulation, which is something that most standard garage doors lack. An extra layer of insulation will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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Styles of Custom Garage Doors in Tucson

It can be tricky to match the style of your home to your new garage door. At Extreme & Unique Garage Doors, we work closely with each customer to explore their aesthetic preferences and provide recommendations that complement their home. Consider the following examples:

Craftsman: The Craftsman home is known for its low-pitched roof, tapered columns, covered front porch, and mixed exterior materials. A classic custom garage door works well for these homes, although the style allows quite a bit of flexibility.

Modern farmhouse: The farmhouse look embraces a white color palette, with plenty of windows and black trim. A custom garage door with crossbuck panels in white or a wood trim would work well here.

American colonial: This classic style is the embodiment of symmetry. Colonial homes are typically two stories, with a central front door, rectangular shape, and pitched roof. These homes are often matched with stock aluminum doors; however, a custom carriage-style door with clean lines and a light color would complement the style beautifully.

Mediterranean: The Mediterranean style is popular in the Southwest. These homes often feature exquisitely tiled roofs and a stucco exterior, often tinted in bold colors. A wood or faux wood garage door will enhance the beauty of a Mediterranean-style home.

Tudor: The gorgeous Tudor style was inspired by the architecture of the early Renaissance. These homes are characterized by white stucco exteriors, decorative half-timbering, and steeply pitched roofs. Consider choosing a carriage-style garage door with a vintage look, which has the personality to match the Tudor style. Darkly stained wood is an excellent choice, as it is consistent with the exposed timbers of the home.

As you can see, our custom garage doors in Tucson can match any style of home. Our experts are always happy to provide individualized recommendations tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

custom garage doors in tucson

Special Features for Custom Garage Doors in Tucson

At Extreme & Unique Garage Doors, our custom garage doors in Tucson can include special features that will add greater aesthetic appeal or functionality. Some popular features include the following:

Windows: With a row of windows in your custom door, you’ll enjoy natural lighting in your garage. Natural lighting can be invaluable if you use your garage as a workshop space or simply to help you locate items in storage areas. In addition, windows are an attractive option that will set your home apart from the rest on the block.

Insulation: We recommend insulation to homeowners who are concerned about their energy bills and/or the environment. Standard garage doors lack insulation, but our custom garage doors in Tucson can include it to keep your home more comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year.

Security: Did you know that garage doors are a common entry point for burglars? Your home is only as safe as your garage door is secure. We can customize your door to include advanced security features, such as encrypted wireless technology and rolling codes for the remote door opener. Some door openers also feature remote lockout, which prevents the operation of all remote openers in the event that one has been lost or stolen.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with a custom overhead door, get in touch with Extreme & Unique Garage Doors. Our custom garage doors in Tucson can make your home the envy of the neighborhood, with fully individualized styles and color options to choose from. We’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with your selection. Then, we’ll install your new door safely and quickly so you can begin enjoying your renovated home soon. Call (520) 235-3032 to inquire about our custom garage doors in Tucson.

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